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Key Artisan - In the entertainment field, the term "Key Artisan" has come to represent an individual that can deal with any aspect of custom fabrication utilizing any materials to achieve the desired outcome for the client or project. Basically, if it has to be built, a key artist will be able to do it. One way or another.

Founder / CEO
Phillip J. Schiefer

Phillip J. Schiefer

Founding E.B. Effects and Design in 1989 and as the sole employee, it was necessary to become very proficient at all aspects of custom fabrication. The over 30 years of being a hands-on fabricator and designer has honed those skills to a fine edge making Phillip, still, very much a Key Artisan of E.B. Effects.

Fabricator / Shop Lead
Ty Schiefer

Ty Schiefer

Literally growing up in the shop, Ty has learned every aspect of custom fabrication, mold-making, metal fabrication and precision assembly. A strong interest in all things automotive led him to a degree as a certified ASE Tech. His ability to adapt, design on-the-fly and problem solve has served him well working up through the ranks - as a helper, fabricator, shop lead, and finally securing his place as a Key Artisan.

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E.B. Effects was formed in 1988 in Simi Valley, California to produce props and models for the entertainment industry. Since then, we have diversified our capabilities to cover all aspects of design and custom fabrication with our main focus remaining in the entertainment field.

Most of our capabilities have come about simply because in this industry time is always an issue. In most cases, the project or approach is so strange that explaining what you need to a sub-contractor and hoping that it's done right the first time is too high a risk. So we have set up internal areas equipped to address everything from initial design and manufacture to final scenic paint and shipping. Having mastered many disciplines in-house, has enabled us to offer a one-stop facility rather than being strictly a specialty shop.

Proudly, our one-stop approach has made some very loyal clients. Many turn projects over to us without hesitation. They know we will make the deadline on time, on budget, with no excuses.

After viewing our site, if you would like additional information on a specific project or have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to working with you.
A lot has happened since first forming E.B. Effects and Design in 1988. It seems so long ago now.

We have all heard the story of the lone guy, in his garage, with little more than a big idea. Some make it, some don't. However, it's a nice thought that over twenty-six years later, while in our new company-owned facility in Medford, Oregon, surrounded by lifelong friends, family and colleagues, we are reminiscing about that first garage shop.

While a lot has changed - our location, our facility, our staff, our client list – the one thing that has remained constant, our dedication to designing and fabricating to the best of our abilities, using the most advanced, innovative, materials and processes available. We take every project personally and it is reflected in the end result. Always have - always will.

What We Do

The following is a list that represents the processes and disciplines we are certified in and perform exclusively in-house:

• Concept Design
• Art Direction
• Project Coordination
• Mil Spec Drafting
• CAD Design/Solid Modeling
• 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping
• 3D White Light Scanning
• CAM Programming
• CNC Milling
• CNC Routing
• Wood Working
• Welding/Metal Fabrication
• Vacuum Forming
• Fiberglass-Epoxy Tooling
• Fiberglass-Composite Part Fabrication
• Product Prototyping
• Mold Making
• Pattern Making
• Model Making
• Mechanical Animation
• Themed Lighting
• Prop Making
• Specialty/Interactive Costuming
• Electronics Design/Fabrication
• R/C Controls
• Machine Work
• Scenic Paint
• Sculpting
• Urethane Dispensing
• Urethane Pressure Casting and Urethane Spraying

Additionally, on a regular basis, we employ the use of the following processes and are adept at designing for them:

• Laser Cutting
• Water Jet Cutting
• Investment Casting and Sand Casting
Clear Urethane Casting

General urethane casting has become a specialty of ours, but clear urethanes are in a class by themselves; and after 26 years we can teach that class.

In our history, we have cast clear urethanes in quantities from 3 grams up to 1750 lbs. in a single pour. Using proprietary techniques, we can cast, lay-up or employ dispensing equipment to create flawless clear and color tinted, UV stable parts. This has made us a leader in the field of clear casting. Our products are in some of the most high profile theme parks and venues around the globe. Many of the items are working for a living, not just sitting there being pretty, although, they are that as well.

See our Clear Casting section in the Gallery for examples.

Urethane Spraying -
Utilizing a BJB Enterprises CPE 600 spray machine, we can hard-coat metal, foam, fabric, plaster, etc with a variety of materials, including, Fire Retardant Hard Coats, Spray Foams and Flexible Urethanes.

In addition to spraying urethane as a surface coat or traditional 2-part foam for landscapes or insulation, we also use the machine for part making. Using a process of spraying urethane rubber as a mold face then backing it with foam or a suitable hard coat enables us to create large, short run molds in a very short time. These molds can then be sprayed into for part reproduction.

Urethane, Epoxy, and Rubber Casting -
Utilizing vacuum, pressure, centrifugal force and hand casting, our plastic and rubber part making has evolved into what we view as an art. From a single prototype through multiple parts in the hundreds, we can reproduce anything in a variety of plastics or rubbers to meet your specific needs.

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